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Ted Parsons has been the propulsive force behind some of the heaviest music of the ’80s and ’90s, including experimental rockers Swans; metalcore upstarts Prong; and industrial-rock cult heroes Godflesh. (He has also lent his talents to Killing Joke, Jesu, and electronic dub outfit Teledubgnosis.)

Parsons came up in the gritty, post-punk/no wave scene of early ’80s New York, in which the legendary club CBGB provided the focal point for much new music of that decade. After Prong signed to major label Sony, he spent a significant amount of his career touring the world. Today he lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife and two kids, where he continues to break the sticks and make a joyful noise.

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1987 – 1997 Founding member of PRONG Recorded six albums for Epic / Sony Music U.S.. Worked closely with marketing dept, PR department, marketing, artist & relations department as well as art/design department

Primitive Origins Southern Records (1986)
Force Fed Relativity (1987)
Beg to Differ Sony (1989)
John Peel session Strange fruit records BBC, London (1990)
Prove You Wrong Epic (1991)
Cleansing Epic (1994)
Rude Awakening Epic (1996)

A Screw EP K422 (1986)
Holy Money K422 (1986)
Children of God Caroline (1987)
Feel Good Now (Live) (1989)
The Great Annilator (with Bill Rieflin also on Drums from Ministry, R.E.M) Caroline/Mute Records/Young God Records (1995)

Of Cabbages And Kings EP Purge/Sound League (1987)
Face Purge/Sound League (1988)
Hunter’s Moon Triple X (1992)

LEONARD COHEN (Tribute) featuring Swans, Lou Reed, John Cale, R.E.M, Sonic Youth

Giant Robot (ft. Iggy Pop, Bootsy Collins, Sly Dunbar. Produced by Bill Laswell)
Sony Japan/Cyber Octave (1994)

Rife Some Bizzare/Columbia (1988)
FOETUS CORRUPTUS 1988 World tour and live album

STRANGE DAYS Film, Soundtrack with Ray Manzerek of The Doors for Lightening Storm Entertainment Productions, 20th Century Fox, Epic/Sony Music soundtrack (1995)

Hymns Music for Nations (2001)
touring band 1997 – 2001

DUBADELIC (w/Bill Laswell, Scotty Hard) Wordsound (1998)

DRONE (w/Brendan McNicol: Masters of Reality, Queens of the Stoneage) (1999)

Intonarumori (w/Bill Laswell, Killah Priest,Flavor Flav, Kool Kieth) Axiom/Palm Pictures (1999)

The Return Of Kill Dog E (Scotty Hard solo album) Wordsound (1999)

Magnetic Learning Center – ft. Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu), David Wm. Sims (The Jesus Lizard), Norman Westburg (Swans) WordSound (2001)
Teledubgnosis vs. N.I.C. Malicious Damage (2006)

World Tour 2003 & Live DVD
BBC live Recording 2004

Jesu Hydra Head (2004)
Conqueror Hydra Head (2007)
Infinity Avalanche (2009)
Ascension Caldo Verde (2011)

N.I.C. Produced and mixed by Scotty Hard, ft. Keith Levene (Clash ,PIL) & Nil Petter Molvær Malicious Damage Records (2006)
NIC in Dub (mixes by Youth, Ryan Moore, Dub Gabriel, others) Hammer Bass Records (2007)

Weird Machine (with Paul Raven Killing Joke, Ministry) Listenable Records (2008)

Vølslokka (mixed By Justin Broadrick) Ohm Resistance Records (2011)

Metallic Taste of Blood
Metallic Taste Of Blood Rare Noise (2014)